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"From Breadsticks to Lipsticks" E-book by Samantha Schobel


Samantha Schobel is also known on Youtube as “CoutureSlimDown”. She has been an inspiration to thousands of people worldwide as a weight loss icon. Within one year she has gone from a 5’ 5” 300-pound monster to a ‘half that size’ aspiring bodybuilder, weight loss coach and a sports nutritionist. Her aim is to instill life-changing ideas and knowledge to others; giving them hope, encouragement and helping them to lead more fulfilling lives. Some of her credentials include being featured on the Tyra Banks Show, More Magazine, CNN, NBC, and www.liftforlife.com. As she continues through her bodybuilding career, she also has aspirations to become a professional female wrestler and a motivational speaker. Her story is particularly incredible and unique because she had lost 150 pounds without gastric bypass or any kind of surgery. She has also gone through the entire process of getting her excess skin removed, after her weight loss. She is currently carrying out her dream of becoming a professional female bodybuilder and on top of being a zealous motivational speaker, published author, actress, and entrepreneur. Being a trainer and motivational speaker, she can relate better to others as she knows about the inner struggles and what it is like to be where they are. As an entrepreneur, she has also developed her own protein company called “CSD Labs”. With her weight loss knowledge and experience, Samantha will teach you where to turn for nutrition advice, workout plans, motivational speeches, and good-quality weight loss products in her ground-breaking book “From Breadsticks to Lipsticks”. In this book, Samantha reveals all her secrets of her incredible weight loss journey, how she finds her motivation, the mistakes she’s made and how you can do the same. Enjoy.

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