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Excess skin removal/cosmetic surgery

As you may have already assumed...A 300-pound girl has lots of surface area of skin, so it was unavoidable that I would have excess skin after my weight loss. So far I have gone through various cosmetic procedures to get my body looking better again after my weight loss journey. Here is where I am going to discuss details about my surgery for those that would like to know more details...

click here to see my pre-surgery youtube video:

how much does it cost?

When I tell people about my excess skin removal and cosmetic surgeries, one of the first things they ask me is "How much does it cost?". Well, here is where I am going to break it down for everyone with the EXACT numbers of what I paid to get everything done. Each procedure ended up being around $20,000 total for everything:

My first cosmetic surgery included the following procedures:

Body Lift -- $12,000

AutoAugmentation of the Buttocks -- $2,000 

Liposuction of the Medial thighs (to insert tissue into the buttocks) -- $1,500

Liposuction of the Neck -- free (due to multiple procedure discount)

Anesthesia and Facility Fees -- about $6,000 


My second cosmetic surgery includes the following procedures: 

Full Thigh Lift (Medial and Bilateral) -- $5,000

Brachioplasty (arm skin removal) -- $4,000

Breast Augmentation (Bilateral with Saline Implants) --- $3,000

Mastopexy--Periareolar and Lift -- $2,000

Cost of the Implants (Saline) --- $1,000

Anesthesia and Facility Fees -- about $5,500 

click here to see My cosmetic surgery video:

What did it feel like?

Getting a full body lift felt literally like I was cut in half! The incisions were all the way around my body (similar to a belt). It was hard because of the liposuction of the thighs and the buttock augmentation being done in the same procedure! I could not sit, stand, or lie down comfortably AT ALL. Walking was very difficult because they made me walk within three hours of the procedure to keep blood flowing in the legs to prevent blood clots. I'd have to say the most painful part was the "tummy tuck" part of the body lift. The surgeon went in and re-sewed my abdominal muscles to give me a slender tight look...but it hurt to even breathe afterwards! It was extra hard for me because I love to laugh and it hurt to laugh as well. After doing daily activities such as going to the bathroom, walking around, and even having a conversation I felt as if I just ran a marathon! I admit, it was by far the hardest thing I have ever gone through in my entire life. I never IMAGINED feeling such pain. The pain pills were a no-go for me from the very beginning due to the effects they had on my brain! I couldn't even remember what I did about ten seconds afterwards! It was a crazy feeling that I did not like...so I stopped taking them the first day. It was an extreme journey, but overall...I WOULD DEFINITELY do it all over again because the results are definitely worthwhile!

this is my recovery video after 9 days...


 During the first week of recovery it seemed pretty much difficult to just stay alive! Hahahaha! Although it may sound dramatic, it was true. I had to concentrate on my breathing (I think due to the pain pills), I would sleep for hours and only be able to stay awake for about thirty minutes, I could not walk to the bathroom by myself, everything on my body felt as though there were a thousand knives stabbing me EVERYWHERE! The second week I was like "Okay, maybe I won't die from the pain...but if I do it would suck because I made it through the first week alive! I hope I didn't do all that for nothing!" So yeah, the second week was also extremely painful. I cannot even put in words how much pain it was all over my entire body. By the third week I was feeling a little better. I was strong enough to ride in the car and not get sick, I could use the bathroom comfortably, I was able to do a little better sitting on my butt, and I had more energy. The next week I was able to get more into a normal lifestyle. I was able to start laying down as long as I was propped up on pillows, walking became easier, I was able to stay awake for most of the days, and I was able to do a few things around the house. By the fifth and sixth week I started to workout again, I could visit with friends, and just got enough strength to prepare myself for the next surgery! Just bring it! What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger, right? 

click to see my Recovery music video after six weeks!

Before and after surgeries

Here is some of the photos of before my skin removal, as well as the marks of where they cut my skin.


one more to go...

On August the 13th I am getting my next procedure done where they are going to finish the removal of the rest of my skin! I am also getting implants so I am really really excited! I am going to be posting more videos as the weeks progress during my recovery. I made a pre-surgery video as well, so click the photo to learn more about the second procedure...


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